Never stop learning because life never stops teaching!!

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” ~Unknown

As the above quote indicates, learning should be a life long endeavour. The world around us is ever-changing and our collective knowledge about our world is ever-evolving. domain name information Be ready to learn something new today and open to questioning what you learned yesterday.

In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus proposed that our planet Earth orbited the sun in his book, “On the Revolutions”. The generally accepted truth at that time was that the sun orbited our Earth, but Copernicus’ own study of astronomy had led him to question the wisdom of the day. He was ridiculed at the time for proposing such an idea, but his work had an impact on others such as Johannes Kepler, who continued to push forward the idea that our Earth revolved around the sun, and his own idea that the orbit was not circular, as thought by Copernicus, but actually elliptical.

Astronomers, throughout the years and continuing into today, have continued to build on the ideas presented by Copernicus and Kepler, arriving at our present day theories about our planetary system and beyond. The knowledge does not stop there though and there are many new discoveries left to be made.

Our lesson from Copernicus and Kepler is that we should not be afraid to question conventional wisdom. It is from those who are continually learning and questioning the way things are that new discoveries arise and new ideas blossom. It is in these new discoveries and new ideas that we move forward as a society.

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