Six ways to make it big on your own!

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.Richard Branson


There’s nothing like making it big on your own steam. In fact most of the super successes of the world have been of people who had the courage and conviction to march to their own drumbeat. Most people would however tread the more familiar and comfortable path of aligning their cause with somebody they perceive as being strong enough to carry them along the path that they have charted.

That is why the majority of us would rather have jobs than be entrepreneurs. This saves us from exposure to risk; while at the same time provides us with the means and wherewithal to lead life with a modicum of comfort and security. This is a trade off most people agree to notwithstanding the fact that the greater reward and glory belong to the entrepreneur.

If Columbus had continued to believe that the world was indeed flat and one would fall off the edge if one ventured too far out on the ocean, the New World would not have been discovered, and there would have been no United States of America either! However, it is all very well to want to go out there and lord it over the world; but the question is what can we do to achieve that dream ourselves?

Here’s what makes successful entrepreneurs different from others-

  1. Result Oriented: Successful entrepreneurs are no wishful dreamers. They have the ability to turn their dreams to reality, and they do so by being both extremely focused and practical. They will never dream an impractical dream.
  2. Research the environment: Entrepreneurs are great believers in thorough research. They usually have the demographics of their target market broken down and analyzed to the last detail. This is the reason why they are usually able to achieve what they set out to.
  3. Gregarious: You will know an entrepreneur from the way they talk. They are gregarious and like to be with people. Their obvious passion and enthusiasm for their work is infectious and this makes them great team players.
  4. Dexterous: For all the positive vibes an entrepreneur may give off, the fact is that they operate in a highly tense and competitive environment where no quarters are given or asked. It is therefore essential that an entrepreneur be highly dexterous and versatile. For this reason you will probably find that it is probably far easier to suppress a politician than a smart entrepreneur.
  5. Great entrepreneurs are personalities: Look around you. You will find that most of the highly successful entrepreneurs are usually very interesting people with fascinating life stories. Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and so all have certain unique personality traits that have contributed in making them what they are.
  6. Doggedness: Perhaps the greatest quality of an entrepreneur would be doggedness. While there may be others with equally good ideas and skill; it is the sort who are dogged, tenacious and bloody-minded who are able to last and thrive. Being an entrepreneur is not a bed of roses, and only those who have the ability to take the rough and the smooth with equanimity are able to survive and thrive.

Can you?