Why Routines Matter!

Routines are a tool that we can use to increase our productivity. They allow us to structure our time and to form positive habits through repetition. The key to our routines though is that they must be contributing positively to our self-improvement. The power of repetition does not distinguish between positive and negative habits. Repetition can reinforce our negative habits as easily as it can reinforce our positive ones.

Self-improvement through repetition is dependent on routines. Where repetition involves performing the same task over and over, it is through the structure of routines that this repetition is possible. Self‑ improvement will invariably involve learning something new and as John Wooden indicated, “The importance of repetition until automaticity cannot be overstated. Repetition is the key to learning.”

The key to self-improvement is repetition. We need to schedule it into our routine. Maybe the new habit we are trying to form is setting time for us to focus on our own progress or success or maybe it is getting at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. There are numerous ways that we can engage the power of repetition on our path to self improvement.

Maybe you will decide to set aside 30 minutes every evening to read a book or take an online course. At Help Yourself Associates, we have numerous online courses and e-books to help you on your path to self-improvement. Please check out our website today and allow us to become a part of your routine!